Reconstituting Hexvix®

Hexvix packshot
* Nordic example shown, package may vary by country and region

Hexvix® reconstitution - 7 easy steps

step 1

Fasten the plunger rod into the rubber stopper of the syringe by turning the plugger rod clockwise until it stops.

step 2

Remove the blue cap of the powder vial

Penetrate the stopper of the powder vial with the Mini-Spike transfer device

Remove the cap from the syringe and keep it for later use

Hold the syringe upright and carefully press the plunger rod upward to remove air

step 3

Connect the syringe to the Mini-Spike transfer device

Inject about 10 ml of the solvent into the powder vial

The vial should be about ¾ full

step 4

Without withdrawing the Mini-Spike from the vial, hold the powder vial and the syringe in a firm grip

Shake gently to ensure complete dissolution

step 5

Withdraw all of the dissolved solution from the powder vial into the syringe

step 6

Disconnect the empty vial and Mini-Spike transfer device from the syringe

Plug the syringe with the syringe cap

Gently mix the contents of the syringe

Hexvix is now reconstituted and ready for use

The appearance of the reconstituted solution is clear to slightly opalescent, and colorless to pale yellow

step 7

Ensure that the bladder is completely empty prior to Hexvix instillation

Patients should be catheterised

Connect the syringe containing Hexvix to the catheter using Luer-Lock

Gently instill 50ml of Hexvix into the bladder

Hexvix® reconstitution – additional notes11

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